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Original vs. generic medicine: For valsartan

Hi all,

Recently, the biggest news in medicine would be cancer risk of generic medicines for valsartan.

The list of drug for recall becomes expanded in US, EU and Korea.

We can compare the risk of cancer between users of original valsartan and generic medicines by using Korean national claim database (by using ‘drug_source_value’). It this possible in other countries, too?

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Wow, I hadn’t heard this, but it seems like quite an important public health issue. In the US, we can commonly distinguish between branded and generic drugs, and the NDC provides the fidelity to classify by manufacturer. Does anyone know if the issue is a particular generic manufacturer?

Ha, I’m silly for asking a question that google can answer: https://www.fda.gov/Drugs/DrugSafety/ucm613916.htm

The link Patrick posted provides nice list of products that are recalled, and products that are not recalled. We could do a head-to-head comparison between those two groups. I wonder what the propensity model would look like! It might be that the two groups overlap perfectly.

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