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Ordering provider vs rendering provider

For the provider_id field in all event tables, do we prefer to populate it with the ordering provider or the rendering provider?

The definition for this field: The provider associated with measurement record, e.g. the provider who ordered the test or the provider who recorded the result.

The “or” is tripping me. Ideally there would be a priority on the type of provider we want to use. What should an end user expect to see?

Hi @Manan:

Good question. Probably something that needs to be clarified. And it could be different for different domains:

  • Measurement: Probably irrelevant who “recorded” it, plus the results are usually recorded automatically these days.
  • Procedures: Probably more relevant who rendered it, since the outcome will depend on the skills of that provider.
  • Devices: Probably same.
  • Drugs: Probably the opposite.

But overall: I wouldn’t stress too much, maybe except for the procedures. What matters is what happened to the patient.