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Order (request) attributes

Hello Forum,

I’m working on mapping EHR data from 30 hospitals in the province of Ontario in Canada onto omop 5.4 data model.
There are various entities (measurement, device_exposure, imaging, drug_exposure) that have order (request) attributes such as order_id, order_date, order_status
I was wondering if there is a best practice to load these attributes.

Many thanks

Data Architect

Hello @faramarz ,

order_date > the *_start_date field for the clinical event (device, drug, etc.)

order_id doesn’t have to be put in the CDM because it won’t be used by any standard analytics. If you want to keep it, most folks put it in the *_source_value field for the clinical event

order_status: what are the values for this field? The values will determine if and where they go in the CDM

Thanks Melanie for the quick response. As for the status in case of device_exposure (transfusion) they indicate if the transfusion actually occurred.

in case of drug exposure the order status indicates if order is active or suspended

You’re welcome, @faramarz!

For all clinical event tables in OMOP, you only add data if the event occurred. If a procedure order was canceled before the procedure occurred, then you don’t add a Procedure record. If a drug was being given and then the drug was ‘suspended’, you suspended date = drug_end_date. Make sense?

It definitely makes sense. Thanks for the recommendations.

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