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Optum to OMOP




I’m trying to convert Optum to OMOP following the steps laid out here

However, in a few of the Markdown files at that link, vocabularies such as:

            1. JNJ_OPTUM_P_SPCLTY
            2. JNJ_DEATH
            3. JNJ_OPTUM_DPOS
            4. JNJ_UNITS

are mentioned. I was able to find JNJ_OPTUM_P_SPCLTY and JNJ_DEATH additions here but I wasn’t able to find the other vocabularies anywhere.

I have a couple of questions around this:

  1. Can the vocabulary additions present at the aforementioned link be considered a complete collection of vocabularies for JNJ_OPTUM_P_SPCLTY and JNJ_DEATH and if not, could you please point me towards a source where any changes/the most up to date version of these vocabularies will be recorded?

  2. Can you please share where I can find information regarding the other vocabularies, JNJ_OPTUM_DPOS and JNJ_UNITS so I can incorporate them into my ETL process too.

Thank you!