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Options in createPs()

Hi! When I use createPs() function in R, it offer 1:1 ps matching.

If I want to use 1:n matching, is there anything that I can do?


The createPs() function generates the propensity scores. The matchOnPs() function is used for matching. You can set maxRatio = 1 for 1-on-1 matching. Typically, we set it to maxRatio = 100 for variable ratio matching.

Oh I see! Thank you for your reply!

If I want to set 1-on-4 matching, what should I do then?

maxRatio = 4

That will look for up to 4 matches per person. So some might get fewer, if fewer are available within the caliper. You’ll need to make sure to set stratified = TRUE when calling fitOutcomeModel() to account for the matched sets whenever you do anything but 1-on-1 matching.