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Operator and Value concept Id - Measurement Table in CDM

Hello Everyone,

I am currently mapping the raw data of lab test results from the hospital to CDM format. I would like to know whether my interpretation of the field (Operator_concept_id and Value_concept_id) is correct. Can you please confirm my understanding?


You should not be filling in value_concept_id based on the source data you proived. The operator concept is correct and the value as number should hold the values in the raw file. But the value as concept id should be either zero or NULL. The value of concept id is used when the source data provides a qualitative values such as high/low/abnormal … Otherwise the value as concept is should not be populated.

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Thank you @DTorok for the clarification. Much appreciated

For the April Olympians Check In I visited this topic. Hoping to get it documented as a Themis rule, however I think I’m disagreeing with @DTorok above. I think if the raw data has the value and a category in its output you document that in the CDM. Follow-along here: