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Hi, I’m using OncoRegimenFinder and getting an error of the following:

Error in lowLevelQuerySql.default(conn,statement):
java.sql.SQLSyntaxErrorException: ORA-00933: “SQL command not properly ended”

I’m suspecting that the error is comming from the package itself since ORA-00933 happens when there is miswrtting of sql code.

However, I would share my code for oncoregimenfinder:
create_regimens(connectionDetails=connDetails, cdmDatabaseSchema='CDM_2020_VIEW', wirteDatabaseSchema='gr2338', cohortTable='cohort', regimenTable='regimen', regimenIngredientTable='regimen_ingredient', vocabularyTable='vocabulary', drug_classification_id_input=ls, date_lag_input=30, regimen_repeats=5, generateVocabTable=T)

and ls for drug_classification_id_input is a vector of hemonc numbers.

By the way, does OncoRegimenFinder accept hemonc vocabulary? or does it accept only ATC vocab yet?
In anycase, eventhough I put ATC id in drug_classification_id_input, I get the same error. So, I’m thinking that the package itself has an error.

FYI, I’m working in South Korea, and hopefully the korean cdm doesn’t affect to the package.

Would there be a problem in the package itself, or for my code?

I’m using the oracle connection. Maybe oracle connection doesn’t work well. I know that DQD with oracle doesn’t work well too… Maybe OncoRegimenFinder has an error with oracle connection too…

Thanks for any help in advance.