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Oncology WG: Updates and Call for Participation


As some of you know, we have made some changes to the work flow this year. Our goal is to release a stable version of the Oncology module ready for implementation and to create an opportunity for broader engagement and collaboration.

Few specific changes are:

  1. Real-time documentation of the ETL conventions and best practices: Conventions
  2. Creation of a Discussion page to ensure broader engagement with data partners and researchers, ensuring all workgroup/community members interested in oncology module can contribute to the ongoing work. As a part of this effort, all the proposals on the ongoing work will be posted on this page and shared with the team so everyone can provide their feedbacks before the formal decision making in the WG (the date will be announced before hands so folks can mark their calendars in advance and attend the discussion).
  3. Adopting a use-case driven approach and prioritizing the ongoing effort based on the ongoing and/or future oncology studies. All these are tracked in the Oncology Release 2.0 project page. Study specific requirements/components are defined, and their completion status are tracked.

I would like to invite you all to join us in the effort, provide feedback on the new structure, get engaged in the discussions and let us know about your needs/use cases and experiences.

There are already few open issues that I would like to invite you all to join the discussions:

Looking forward to your feedbacks, comments and also seeing you in future discussions and meetings. Feel free to use the introduction page on Teams to tell us more about yourself and your use cases.

You will hear more about the new/ongoing developments (genomics, vocab, ETL and research/outreach), our 2023 roadmap along with our OKR soon. Stay tuned!

p.s.: We are actively monitoring discussions on Teams and Github. Feel free to use either for communications.