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Oncology WG - Inviting participants with EHR data to run the OncoRegimenFinder script

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The Oncology WG has put in a lot of work to develop the oncology extension to represent oncology data as precisely as possible through the OMOP CDM. Partners with EHR data and a need to perform oncology related research and studies will need to algorithmically derive certain information like regimens/cycles to be able to populate the Episode table and the appropriate fields.
The Oncology WG has implemented a first version of an algorithm that identifies oncology regimens through the drug_era and drug_exposure tables. In this effort we are going to need the help from the community to evaluate and run the algorithm across their data assets. The algorithm itself is located in the workgroups dedicated github:

If you are interested in participating in this effort, please contact any of the following collaborators:

Anastasios Siapos - asiapos@uk.imshealth.com
Michael Gurley - m-gurley@northwestern.edu
Ratwani Shilpa - sratwani@us.imshealth.com