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Oncology module - are we versioning?

(Sonia Araujo) #1


I understand the Oncology module (ie, the new extension tables) are now ready for use, but not yet ratified and released as part of a CDM v6.x.

Between now and that v6.x release, there will inevitably be updates to the Oncology module.

My questions are:

  1. Are those Oncology module updates being versioned?
  2. Where can I see the list of versions and changes within each?


(Seng Chan You) #2

As an answer to this question

  1. There is no versioning system in the Oncology module to my knowledge.
  2. So we cannot see the list of versions and changes.

And I think this is really important question.
I think extensio models (eg, oncology, genomic, or radiology) in OMOP-CDM should be versioned just like core OMOP-CDM is versioned or OHDSI packages are versioned.

(Sonia Araujo) #3

Thank you, @SCYou, and apologies I missed your reply last week.
I am sure we are not the only ones thinking this way :wink: and hopefully versioning is something that OHDSI is looking into.

(Christian Reich) #4

Yeah. Right now we are versioning it together with the main CDM, but if we keep making small changes that wouldn’t work. But so far so good. We need to put these changes into the model though. Working with @clairblacketer on it.

“OHDSI” is all of us, @sonia. Or nobody. :slight_smile:

(Sonia Araujo) #5

:wink: and glad to hear it @Christian_Reich, thanks