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On which flavor of Linux are you running Usagi?

(Tim Quinn) #1

Thus far, we’ve only run Usagi on Microsoft Windows (and successfully with OpenJDK). But we have a compelling reason to install it on a Linux machine instead.

We have some latitude in choice of Linux operating system. If you are running Usagi on Linux, I’m curious which Linux flavor you’re on?

Our other Linux servers are currently running CentOS, but we’re shopping for a replacement now that RedHat / IBM has pulled the free-until-it’s-not bait and switch on licensing CentOS.


Hello @quinnt,

It would run normally on virtually any Linux since it’s Java-based. Debian + XFCE is my choice for a stable and relatively lightweight system.

(Eduard Korchmar (Terminologist @ Odysseus Vocabulary Team)) #3

We had been successfully running Usagi on LTS releases of Ubuntu. Since Usagi does not use any cutting-edge technologies, any distribution supported by Oracle Java (so probably anything RPM and DEB based) should work.

(Tim Quinn) #4

Thanks so much @rookie_crewkie and @Eduard_Korchmar!

I appreciate your input, as it helps us narrow our options to those we know others are already using successfully.