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OMOP Vocabulary available on FHIR - but more insight is needed

Grahame Grieve announced yesterday that he has implemented OMOP Vocabulary content on his server: tx.fhir.org. It includes the OMOP code system and value sets (on FHIR) as descibed in the draft document for discussion (option 3) here.

However, the current tx.fhir.org implementation does not address the OMOP Vocabulary relationships, of crucial importance to execution of terminology server operations such as (FHIR ConceptMap) $translate and $closure. Grahame has posited a strawman suggestion to add to the “OMOP on FHIR” design to accomodate. Individuals with deep understanding of the OMOP relationships design and function within the CDM ultimately supporting analytics (@aostropolets @Christian_Reich @Dymshyts @Sebastiaan_van_Sandi …) and informaticians skilled in terminology design and application to OHDSI & other platforms (@Andy_Kanter @Vojtech_Huser @callahantiff @guyt …) are also needed to weigh in to support an appropriate FHIR design approach.

We can discuss this here in this forum, and over in the FHIR Forum (chat.fhir.org), but this feels a great deal like sharing complex thoughts through bullhorns while standing in farmers fields miles apart. We need a real-time discussion of the OHDSI Vocabulary structures, context of use in OHDSI study analytics and the ability of the envisioned design on FHIR to support it all. We need participation and agreement from knowledgeable OHDSI community members in partnership with Grahame and members of the HL7 Terminology Infrastructure working group to achieve this.

If you have questions more than answers that we may want to consider, or may not have the ability to participate in real-time meetings, your questions help a great deal! Please do not let my bullhorn metaphor disabuse you from providing feedback here - this is an “all of the above” type of response requirement.

I will assist to coordinate a meeting and collect comments that will allow participation from this diverse group. Can you please indicate your willingness to attend a very small number of meetings to discuss? Also @aostropolets: can we discuss this need and approach to fulfilment in the next Vocab WG meeting agenda?

Thank you for your thoughts and willingness to engage, as these are advancing progress in our partnership between OMOP and FHIR.

Is Graham attending the OHDSI symposium? Would a face-to-face meeting be better? Also, not sure who from OHDSI is attending HL-7 (@DaveraG?)

Hello @Andy_Kanter
I will be attending the HL7 WGM in Phoenix in a few days. I hope to catch-up with Grahame then. I do not think Grahame will be attending the OHDSI Symposium, but we may have representation from the HL7 Technical Steering Committee.