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OMOP to PCORNet : Is any site doing that?

Are any sites trying to convert their OMOP to PCORNet? Stanford has just recd a PCORNet grant and we have an existing OMOP and I was wondering if it was possible to leverage that?I did find this: https://www.ohdsi.org/web/wiki/lib/exe/fetch.php?media=resources:ohdsi_poster_v6.pdf
Which suggests that it was definitely being done at some point?
@aostropolets @Christian_Reich @rimma @DTorok

@PriyaDesai Here is the work we last did 7-8 years ago for pSCANNER and another project jointly where we worked on OMOP to PCORNet transformations as referred to in the poster. Here is the github site - GitHub - don-torok/OMOPv5-to-PCORnetv3: Conventions for Storing PCORnet attributes in OMOP CDM and OMOPv5 to PCORnetv3 ETL document
I assume you searched the forum already to see if others have continued with this effort. Nice to meet you at the Symposium!

Thanks @schillil ! Was great meeting you at the Symposium as well.

I found stuff on the forum that goes the other way:PCORNet to OMOP