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OMOP Mapping: How to find range_low or range_high field values in measurement table

valueQuantity": {
“value”: 173.9018914060253,
“unit”: “cm”,
“system”: “http://unitsofmeasure.org”,
“code”: “cm” }

coding": [
“system”: “http://loinc.org”,
“code”: “8302-2”,
“display”: “Body Height”

“system”: “http://terminology.hl7.org/CodeSystem/observation-category”,
“code”: “vital-signs”,
“display”: "vital-signs

measurement_concept_id (from athena) is 3036277

You would normally populate these fields if the information is provided in the source.
But I’m pretty sure there’s no normal ranges of body height.

Thanks got it. Yes there is not. so was wondering does this vary from or there will be a standard range.

@Sanjna ,

Range high and range low data might be present in your source lab data. If your source does not contain these data, you will leave the field NULL. Range high and range low will vary based on source.

Great, thank you for this information. I was looking for this explanation.