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OMOP France

(Antoine Lamer) #1

Hi !

With InterHop.org, we organize a webinar about French hospitals and OMOP integration (in French).
Here is the program : inventory of the implementation of OMOP in several French University hospitals, vocabulary mapping, semantic mapping tools
omop_210121.pdf (920.5 KB)

(Stephen Fortin) #2

Hey Antoine,

Is the listed meeting time in Central European Standard Time?

(Antoine Lamer) #3

Hi Stephen,

Yes, CET.

(Peter Rijnbeek) #4

@AntoineLamer thanks for organising this and moving the work forward in France.

Looking at the agenda and the EHDEN focus I think it would be good we also give some attention to this via our EHDEN communication channels. Unfortunately, the meeting is in French so not many of us can join but we will try to see who can join the webinar.

I will ask Jelle Praet to make a post about the webinar through the EHDEN social media channels. If you need anything more from our side please reach out to enquires@ehden.eu or to me here in the forum.

(Antoine Lamer) #5

Dear @Rijnbeek,

I fully agree to communicate via EHDEN. Jelle may share this post (but in French too) : https://twitter.com/interchu/status/1348210430049726464

We can share a summary of the meeting (in English), and in the future, we can plan to organise meetings in English if english-native speakers are interesting in taking part in the discussion.

(Peter Rijnbeek) #6

We shared it on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6757770227938865152

Looking forward to read the summary.


(Antoine Lamer) #7

Here the summary : https://interhop.org/en/2021/01/25/reunion-interchu-21-janvier
Around 60 participants from a dozen hospitals.

We plan to organise the next webinar in February to make an inventory of semantic mapping already realized with French terminologies. And, when needed, share the work to progress.