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OMOP Data - Pregnancy & Birth cohort anyone?

Hello Everyone,

Currently we have a intensive birth cohort data. (I am not the data owner though)

This cohort contains data on 1200 women who volunteered to be studied during their pregnancy and after they gave birth. The children were also followed up

We intend to understand how conditions in pregnancy and early childhood influence the health and development of women and children.

So, my question is there any other similar data assets in the network?

For ex, our dataset has info on Maternal Demographics, Paternal demographics, Women’s health, Breastfeeding, eating behavior, Maternal Metabolic and Body Composition, Child Metabolic and Body Composition, Maternal Sleep, Personality and Mental Health and lot more etc

So, if anyone has a similar data source and interested on studying pregnancy, early childhood, nutrition/lifestyle etc, do let me know…

Please note that we haven’t converted this cohort to OMOP yet. Currently we use hospital EHR for our research. Just want to see whether there is any interest in the network for such research. If yes, I can reach out to the data owners and consider the feasibility of transforming this to OMOP.

Hello, Just thought of reaching out to the community again to know whether there are any pregnancy and birth cohort standardized to OMOP CDM. Is there anyone?

Hi there.

is the best starting place.

I have done some work on this although I’m not sure if it will run on the CDM. This is a tough problem. I was just looking at Oncology Extension as a better way to define the cohort - perhaps keep better tabs at where the patient is at the cycle at the moment.