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OMOP Converter: ETL Automation Software

Has anyone used the tool from iqvia? Do they have EHR adapters?

I don’t think it is supported any longer.

Hi @Nsingleton1, the OMOP Converter tool as shown in the link you attach is no longer supported as Christian mentioned. However, I know they are working on a variety of software accelerators that may be useful.

Feel free to drop me a line at anthony.reckard@iqvia.com and we can see if this could be a fit for you.


Automatic ETL doesn’t work very well because a lot of knowledge that is specific to each site and is needed to build an ETL, is not in the data. Evidentli has a different approach with an AI Co-Pilot helping you build an OMOP ETL. It’s orders of magnitude faster and more accurate than developing one yourself.