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OMOP CDM versions, what is cadence?

(Penny Messing) #1

Hello our team is wondering what the cadence is of new OMOP CDM versions coming out. It looks like 6.0 is out. When are sub-versions planned (like 6.0.x) and when would 7.0 be planned? Also we see that tools like ATLAS doesn’t support 6.0 yet, and is estimated to around Q3 2020. Is there a certain testing period time after CDM version release where OHDSI starts to promote that version more widely? (I see the main website page https://www.ohdsi.org/data-standardization/ says “CDM, now in its version 5.0.1”.)

We are trying to determine our own cadence for how often we’ll update based on what is available.


(Christian Reich) #2


We are still stabilizing V6.0. There are a bunch of proposals which will, once ratified, create minor version numbers. For each of them the ratified changes are available to the community to test with real data, before the version gets released for production. A V7 is not yet planned. The cadence totally depends on demand. Demand is driven by use case expansion, so it is hard to predict. Hopefully, in future we are going to have to move slower and slower.