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(Emily Yost ) #1

Has anyone converted data from the OMOP CDM to the SDTM structure? Lessons learned? Complexities? Ease of conversion?

Thanks for any info or advice.

(Keesvanbochove) #2

Hello Emily, we have experience with converting CDISC SDTM data from clinical trials to OMOP for cross-trial analytics, and presented and discussed that in the Clinical Trials WG. However, what would be the use case for going vice versa? Are you intending to create study CRFs based on EHR data that is already converted to OMOP? If so wouldn’t it make more sense to start with the EHR as source of truth?

(Vojtech Huser) #3

I also did from SDTM into OMOP.
But some of the mapping is bi-directional and you can go the other way.
see here https://github.com/vojtechhuser/project/tree/master/sdtm-omop

and prior symposium posters by me