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OHDSIonAWS Post installation issues

(RajeshJindal) #1

Hi Friends,

I recently launched OHDSIonAWS on AWS. This package works really well. I am able to search vocabularies, View dashboards using data sources.

I am not able to create a new concept set or a new cohort. The following are the errors.

Please let me know if you have had this issue and figured out the fix.


Atlas and WebAPI version 2.7.3, CDM Version 5.3.

(Jon Duke) #2


Are you using the security configuration? If so your user may not have permissions and you need to grant those in order for these to work.

(RajeshJindal) #3

Hi Jon_duke,

Thanks for your response. The issue with my installation was that I was using ‘admin’ user id as my first id in the list of R users part of AWS stack. Apparently atlas doesn’t like ‘admin’ user id. maybe because there is a security group with the name ‘admin’. After I used an id other than admin it worked.

I have shared my findings with James Wiggins so that he can share with future implementers.