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OHDSI Technical Advisory Board (TAB)

The Technical Advisory Board (TAB) serves as a guide in the technical evolution of OHDSI’s open-source projects. Comprised of experts from both within the OHDSI community and external partners, the TAB is committed to ensuring the stability, security, and sustainability of OHDSI’s technical endeavors. With a focus on transparency, collaboration, and inclusivity, the TAB works hand-in-hand with the broader OHDSI community to foster innovation and excellence while embracing diverse perspectives in its decision-making processes.

At the forefront of the TAB’s agenda lies the strategic planning of roadmaps and proactive initiatives to address emerging challenges. With a clear commitment to providing architecture guidance, enhancing global adoption, and fortifying security measures, the TAB strives to uphold OHDSI’s mission of advancing healthcare research through open science and collaborative technical development.

You can find discussions and decisions related to the TAB on Github:

Meetings occur on the first Friday of every month at 10:30 AM EST. Please join us for the discussion.

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