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OHDSI symposium details

Hi All,
Have registered for the symposium and one of the workshops. I am not seeing information on accessing the sessions other than the fact that they are being held on MSTeams. I’ve not done virtual events on Teams and only have used it within my institutional organization. Is there a separate site that we will be given access to?

Also, has a complete program of sessions been posted somewhere?



Hi @marciero,
Thank you for registering. Access to the sessions will be provided. We are putting those together this week, and they will be sent to all registrants.

The program of all that is happening had been posted on OHDSI.org, but we’re dealing with a technical issue on the website right now, and have temporarily lost access to those pages. We’re working to fix this now, but in the meantime, Patrick Ryan went through the agenda on yesterday’s community call, which you can watch below.


Thanks Craig. This explains my vague recollection of having seen some additional detail before registering.


HI Michael
I just sent you all the information. Please check your emails.
Thank you

Yes I’ve gotten them-thanks!