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OHDSI Study #3 : Incidence of exposure to drugs for which pre-emptive pharmacogenomic testing is available

Hi All,

A new proposed OHDSI study protocol has been posted on the Wiki and on GitHub.

The objective of this study is to derive incident medication-use data that large healthcare organizations can combine with data on adverse event risks and costs to conduct cost-effectiveness / cost-benefit analyses for the purpose of justifying pre-emptive pharmacogenomics testing.

Please provide any comments or suggestions over the next 2 weeks. If you would like to join as a contributing investigator, contributing to the analysis and write-up of this work, please let me know. ( Patrick Ryan, Jon Duke, George Hripcsak, Abraham G. Hartzema, Christian Reich you have been added based on our previous discussion.)

The commenting period will close on 4/8/2015.



I just added our AUSOM dataset into the protocol. Can we run the analysis code right now? When would be the deadline for the result submit?

Hi Dr. Park,

Glad you are interested in participating. Please let me know how I
should acknowledge your team in the protocol.

The code is ready for testing but it has not been ran outside of the
IMEDS lab just yet. I set the start start date for April 8th 2015 to
give everyone time to contribute to the protocol. We are also presenting
at the IMEDS telecon next week so should have some other feedback to

Kind regards,

An update on the code for this protocol as of Friday 3/13/2015 - the code is not completely ready for testing. I anticipate announcing that it is sometime next week. In the meantime, please comment on the google doc for the protocol:


FYI to those interested in participating the the Pharmacogenomics study…we are in testing the protocol at different sites right now. I am delaying the official start until 6/29/2015 to allow for an adequate testing period. best regards, -R

If your testing for the code is done, please let me know that thru email besides this forum, because I receive lots of updates from the forums.