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OHDSI Standardized Vocabularies Updates & Roadmap

Dear OHDSI Community,

We want to thank everybody who participated in the landscape assessment of the Vocabularies use and needs! The final version of the report is now live and can be found on Teams.

As you heard on the previous Community Calls, in 2023 we want to focus our effort on collaboratively creating more robust, transparent, reliable, timely and documented Vocabularies.

As a part of the Vocabularies improvement process, the OHDSI Coordinating Center established a diverse Committee that governs the Vocabularies maintenance and improvement activities (George Hripcsak, Patrick Ryan, Peter Rijnbeek, Rae Woong Park, Mui Van Zandt and Christian Reich)

One of our goals is to create a more transparent and reliable release cycle. The Vocabulary Team together with the Committee listened to your feedback in the landscape assessment and created a roadmap of the upcoming releases till August 2024.

We will have 3 major releases: August 2023, February 2024 and August 2024.

The planned content of each release can be found on the Vocabularies Wiki page so that you can plan your activities accordingly.

The roadmap has the maintenance activities as well the improvement activities aimed at creating more stable content for Condition domain (the content of SNOMED-CT, ICD family and MedDRA improvements can be found here).

We will have dedicated sessions with the community to discuss the improvements later this year.

Additionally, the roadmap includes building a pipeline for community contribution so that you can bring in your changes to the existing Vocabularies or more seamlessly incorporate your own vocabularies. More details to follow!

Another large piece of the improvement work on the roadmap is quality assurance and quality control. As the Vocabularies grow, we need to establish a comprehensive system to improve their quality based on the existing QA activities. We will have sessions on that as well and will welcome the community with its diverse expertise to contribute its knowledge and ideas.

On the next Vocabulary WG meeting (May 2, 12pm EST) we will discuss the roadmap and its implications for your research and development activities.


Dear OHDSI Community,

We are happy to announce that we delivered our first planned May release from the 2023-2024 Roadmap. As usual, the release notes are published on our GitHub.

As a recap, we are switching to the transparent and stable cadence of releases so that you can plan your ETL and research activities. The Roadmap with details of activities can be found here.

May release included regular refreshes of CVX, HCPCS, MeSH, RxNorm, NDC, SPL, dm+d and additions to NAACCR and smoking hierarchy.

The last two can be of a particular interest for you as they may impact your ETL and phenotyping. Please find more details about the content of these changes in the Upcoming changes section.

I want to thank @aostropolets and the Governance Committee (@hripcsa @Patrick_Ryan @Rijnbeek @rwpark @mvanzandt @Christian_Reich) for enabling this new Vocabulary era and wise decisions.

I also want to highlight the huge effort that @zhuk @Maria_Rogozhkina @Maria_Khitrun @Vlad_Korsik @Mikita_Salavei and the rest of the team members as well as other contributors from the Oncology WG did to make this release happen.

The next release will be performed in August 2023; please stay tuned for new QA/QC reporting and Community contribution for the upcoming releases.


Thank you @Alexdavv @aostropolets @zhuk @Maria_Rogozhkina @Maria_Khitrun @Vlad_Korsik @Mikita_Salavei for all of your hard work to reach this important milestone, it’s great to see the on-time vocabulary release consistent with the roadmap that we previously issued. I look forward to seeing more community contributions for the August 2023 release!


Dear OHDSI Community,

The new vocabulary release is available in Athena! This is the biggest release of the last six years, and probably ever. It includes an overhaul of SNOMED, a new approach to the ICD processing, a new hierarchy of MedDRA, and much more. We incorporated lots of minor and complex community contributions. One is ECLS CDM Expansion for extracorporeal life support data - crucial expansion for the ECLS (extracorporeal life support) data analysis. OMOP Genomic got a new look, and we significantly expanded the LOINC - SNOMED hierarchy. Besides that, HCPCS, PPI, CVX, RxNorm, NDC, ICD10PCS and other vocabularies got their updates.

I invite you to join us during the next Common Data Model WG - vocabulary Subgroup on Tuesday, March 5 at 12 pm ET. We will discuss the release in detail.

Kudos to the team!

OHDSI Vocabulary team in this release: @Christian_Reich, Timur Vakhitov, @Alexdavv, @Vlad_Korsik, @aostropolets, @m-khitrun, @Maria_Rogozhkina, @Mikita_Salavei, @Irina_Zherko, @Eduard_Korchmar

Thank you for the support and assistance: @LawrenceArcher, @TetianaOrlova, @janice, @dmitry.buralkin, @Varvara_Savitskaya, @TatianaSkugarevskaya