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OHDSI stack including ATLAS and DB?

I already tried Broadsea but this also requires a cdm database which i currently do not have (if i got it right).


Hey @SevKohler - I am a bit unclear on what you are trying to achieve by your question.
Are you looking for an already prepared instance to test ATLAS with a DB?
If so, you may want to look at OHDSI-in-a-Box - I have used it before for testing and experimentation when I do not have my own OHDSI instances.


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Hey @TheCedarPrince

first of all thanks for the response !
well kind of, little bit too much for what i need but thats as close as it gets i guess :slight_smile:
Well I need an emtpy OMOP CDM DB (obviously with concepts etc. just no test data besides that) since im writing a mapper for openEHR to omop.
For that i searched smt like a docker container with ATLAS and an OMOP CDM DB ( maybe including an API to upload data).
But i guess thats too specific.
Anyhow i just did it manually using the DDLs from the CDM repo and populated it with the vocab.


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Ah understood @SevKohler !
Apologies for misinterpreting your question.
That sounds like quite an interesting process you did.
Exciting to see overlap with openEHR and OMOP CDM!
Is your work public anywhere to see this mapping?

Thanks and also welcome to the OHDSI community!

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As soon as im done since it will be for a publication.
I will put it on github afterwards and let you guys know