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OHDSI R packages - Without internet


(Selva) #1

Hello OHDSI experts,

Could you walk me through when a situation like (no internet in Hospitals) this develops, how it’s addressed?”.

I understand this could be a network question but has anyone dealt with this before and can share your advice, please?

I would like to check with you on whether OHDSI R packages can work without the internet?

Let’s say I download the R packages and install them on the server first using the internet.

Later to run the R packages, do we need the internet? Because it only makes a call to the DB? But to make a call to DB, does it require the internet if they are on the same server?

(Javier Gracia-Tabuenca) #2


We also work on an air-gapped (no internet) enviroment
Once R packages and dependences are installed you dont need internet access

U can install dependences on your internetless server following this :

(Vojtech Huser) #3

the OMOP team at VA in US had a similar issue.

I was helping them (little bit at the beginning) to install from .zip file (or other similar file). It is possible.