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Dear Collaborators,

Here the link for our OKR’s

Please expand and provide as much feedback as you would like. If you do not have access to the document is because you need to be part of the MS Teams environment. To gain access to the environment please fill out this form and specify at the bottom you want to be part of the LATAM WG



Hi @jposada,

I clicked on the link before reading the post until the end and I was surprised I couldn’t access it :sweat_smile:
I’ve already filled the form. I will wait for the permission to give feedback on the document.

Hi Rita
I added you to the work group you should have access now

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Keen to support. Tried to complete form - just waiting permission to access the documents though.

Hi Daniel
You are already in the Latin America WG Can you clarify what you need access to? Thx

Hi Daniel,

I sent you an email. Sorry for the late response.