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We will have our next WG next Thursday, July 22nd at

8:00 AM San Francisco
10:00 AM Colombia
11:00 AM New York
11:00 AM Chile
12:00 Sao Paulo
4:00 PM UK
5:00 PM Spain

Below the link for the call:

Please fill out this form to get your info and send a calendar invite to your email

@tduarte @Daniel_Prieto @edburn @Juan_Banda @david_vizcaya @gmachnic @krfeeney

And Please tag your friends in a new message so they do not lose the call


I am tagging more potential attendees here


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Hi Jose,

Thanks for tagging me, I will be there.

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Here is the recording for our Thursday July 22nd Call

If you do not have access to the MS Teams environment please fill out this form

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Updated link for September 23rd Call