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OHDSI India Chapter

We from GVW Technologies, Chennai, India, interested in starting an India chapter for OHDSI to enable us to meet and collaborate with organizations and people with similar interest in India.
Our primary focus is to convert the India Patient Data into CDM and build a better healthcare system.
Structured patient Data with OMOP CDM benefits Govt Agencies, Research Institutes, Hospitals, Pharmaceutical Industries and Healthcare Departments for a Next Gen Healthcare system.
Are there any one in India who are using or collaborating with OHDSI and also willing to join us in starting an Indian chapter?

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There is OHDSI AP chapter, and we have biweekly meeting (actually we have a meeting for regional update today).

Please visit the link below @lkubendran

thanks a lot Seng Chan, i will join it too. As I noticed that it is limited to only Australia, China, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, i thought it is limited only to these countries. I will join APAC chapter too.