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Reaching out others in the OMOP user community in the UK. I know there are common topics of interest, for example, UK specific vocabularies and common data sets like HES that people are mapping. Maybe this would be a good place to discuss some of those issues?

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There is an entire UK OHDSI Chapter with all your friends in there. You should check in with them. Especially with Dani Prieto-Alhambra prietoalhambra@ohdsi.org.

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Thanks @Christian_Reich! :+1:

Really excited about the UK OHDSI node and the amazing work that @Daniel_Prieto and his team are doing. I should have mentioned that we’re working with them, and we’re looking forward to the node meeting in September. I guess what I was thinking about was promoting online discussions between events :thinking: but I obviously didn’t explain that very well! :smiley:

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Anything works. We also have a dedicated Teams channel. We can (and should) discuss the preferred way to communicate during our inaugural f2f meeting in Oxford next Sep 15th