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OHDSI Health Equity WG April Meeting Update - New Date, Agenda and Pre-reading Materials

Due to the HIMSS conference, we have decided to reschedule the meeting from the 19th to the 26th of April. Please update your calendars accordingly.

The meeting link stays that same (Meeting link)

In our next meeting, we will be discussing several key topics:

  1. The SOS Challenge: We will provide an overview of the challenge and discuss our workgroup’s role and contribution.

  2. The upcoming OHDSI Conference: We will share the latest updates and any opportunities for our workgroup to get involved.

  3. ChatGPT and Health Equity: With the advent of ChatGPT, we believe it is crucial to explore its implications on health equity. We will have a focused discussion on this topic during our meeting.

  4. To facilitate a meaningful conversation, we kindly ask all attendees to review the following papers prior to the meeting. These papers touch upon generative AI models and structural disparities, with lessons drawn from the COVID-19 pandemic:

Foundation models for generalist medical artificial intelligence (Link1) (Link2)

Does “AI” stand for augmenting inequality in the era of covid-19 healthcare? (Link3)

Please take the time to read these materials in advance, as they will form the foundation for our discussion on ChatGPT and health equity.

As always, your insights and expertise are invaluable to our workgroup. We look forward to your participation in our rescheduled meeting on April 26th. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out.

Thank you for your understanding and chat soon!