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OHDSI Family Feud! Survey says.......you need to complete the survey!

(Patrick Ryan) #1


The organizing committee has been hard at work preparing for our virtual OHDSI2020 Symposium, to take place Oct18-22. Now I know that everyone is feeling a little bit of Zoom fatigue, and probably the last thing anyone wants is to listen to yet-another-boring-lecture. So that’s why we’re excited by what we’ve putting together, creating many different interactive opportunities for you to network with the community, engage with your collaborators, and share your experiences in a new and different ways. Stay tuned for more details, which should be coming out soon.

In the meantime, I need your help now for one of the fun interactive activities that we plan to roll out at the Symposium on Oct19. Some of you may be familiar with the TV gameshow Family Feud. The premise is that the show surveys a panel of respondents on random questions, and then contestants on the game have to guess what were the most popular answers to those questions. So, we’ve developed a OHDSI-themed version of that. We need to get enough responses to the survey, so that we can have teams square off to see who knows our community best.

Please take <15 minutes to complete the following survey: .https://forms.gle/czktppTXe8xYzN4Z7

I think you’ll have some fun with it, plus you’ll have the added benefit of seeing how your answers stack up on the Big Board when the game is played at the Symposium.

Thanks in advance!