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OHDSI Europe Symposium 23-24th March 2018

(Peter Rijnbeek) #1

We are proud to announce the formation of the European OHDSI Chapter led by Erasmus University Medical Center The Netherlands.

We like to strengthen the European contribution to the global OHDSI community. Europe should contribute in tool development and also of course participate in large global studies that have not been possible before. Furthermore, we need to educate all the stakeholder to guarantee high quality in data transformation and usages. The annual OHDSI symposium is a perfect instrument to gain momentum, inform, and enlarge the European OHDSI community.

The first annual symposium will take place March 23th in Rotterdam and tutorials will be offered on March 24th.

You can register for the symposium on the European OHDSI website:


The maximum number of participants is 250 and already many persons registered so we advise you to register soon!

We hope to meet you in Rotterdam to start “Bridging Europe”


(Taha Abdul-Basser) #2

Great news @Rijnbeek! Congratulations.

(Antonija Burcul) #3

Congrats @Rijnbeek - looking forward to attending!

(Niels Berner) #4

Dear OHDSI Europe,
I’m excited to see this European OHDSI initiative. I really want to participate both in the symposium and tutorials and I have signed up, but I’m a bit reluctant to order plane ticket etc as I cannot see a schedule or any activity. When do you expect to post more information.
Best regards,
Niels Berner

(Peter Rijnbeek) #5

Hi Niels,

Thanks for your question and your interest in OHDSI Europe.

We are finalizing the agenda and will publish all information on the website and in this forum by the end of next week.
Since you already registered, you will receive an email as well next week with more information, including registration for the tutorials on the second day etc.