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OHDSI equivalent of UK Biobank Showcase?

(Jaan Altosaar) #1

The UK Biobank has a nice user interface for displaying health outcomes and available information:


What is the equivalent for OHDSI data?

If it doesn’t exist, I would be interested in helping create a browser for seeing what metadata exists across study sites.

As an example use case, I need access to biomarker data tied to genetic information and health outcomes, and I am not sure how to find it in the OHDSI system. (In the UK Biobank it is clear how to access this information.)

At ohdsi.org under the Resources or ‘New to OHDSI?’ sections, I couldn’t find a similar interface for browsing metadata across OHDSI sites.

So sorry if this question is obvious!

(Dmytry Dymshyts) #2

Hi @jaan
You can see the concepts in Athena

There you can see concepts and relationships between Questions and Answers, Variables and Values, and it rolls up to Categories.
Health outcomes are stored in a datasets which aren’t publicly available althought they are integrated into some clinical data.

(Kristin Kostka, MPH) #3

You can always find study specific health outcomes in our publicly available Shiny applications at data.ohdsi.org.

(Adam Black) #4

@jaan, The concept prevalence study results might be helpful. The PHOEBE application will show you how many databases and records exist in a subset of the OHDSI network for any given concept.