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[OHDSI Covid19] Literature review on viral prediction models

(Patrick Ryan) #1

I’m opening up this thread to be a place for the ‘lit review on viral prediction models’ sub-team, led by @cynthiayang and @RossW , can have team discussions and share progress. Thanks for all your efforts!

[OHDSI COVID-19 response] Community Update 20 March 2020
[OHDSI COVID-19 response] Community Update 20 March 2020
(Ross Williams) #2

Hello Everyone,

First of all thanks for volunteering for this task it is very much appreciated. a problem shared is a problem halved and now we have “seventhed” it or so!

We are finalising our search strategy for papers but currently we have found ~50 that we think have potential relevance. There is a good chance we will be adding more to these in the comingdays.

To start off this literature review, we searched for pneumonia prediction models in PubMed. We also created two files:

  • A Rayyan library including all articles that we selected so far, focusing on pneumonia severity prediction.
  • A Google spreadsheet including all items to extract.

In the spreadsheet you will find all the information we would like extracted, but also a column with “Relevant?” this is because whilst we have briefly checked the papers could not be relevant to the topic, if so just say!

Also if you have trouble accessing a paper then contact me and we can see if we can swap.
The aim is to have the literature review completed by EOB Wednesday 25/03.

Prediction problem:

The aim of this is to gather information around influenza and pneumonia prediction. this includes predicting development of, readmission with, severity of and mortality. We are also aiming to generalise away from just pneumonia into respiratory distress syndrome

Thanks again for your help everyone. We will use this forum for discussion and any technical questions contact me.

Any input on potential prediction problems is desired as well as ideas for searching.

Thanks again!


Hi All,

Has the invitation to the https://rayyan.qcri.org/welcome archive for this project been sent? I checked my inbox including my spam folder but it does not appear to be hiding anywhere.

If you have sent an invitation can you please resend?

Thank you.

(Iannis Drakos) #4

Hello Community,
it great to be here, especially during these days.

I am also missing a rayyan invitation.

Looking forward to a fruitful study-a-thon.

Good day to all!

(Julianna Kohler) #5

Not sure where this fits, so I’m posting in a couple of different places:

From the Global Digital Health Forum (this wasn’t written by me):
I was on the AeHIN COIL webinar today and the presenter mentioned that OpenEHR has a COVID-19 project that has archetypes and templates for COVID19 data in clinical settings. Here is the link: https://www.openehr.org/ckm/projects/1013.30.81

(Ross Williams) #6

i have resent the invite

(Ross Williams) #7

@sbicty to you as well


Thank you!

(Ross Williams) #9


I will be updating paper assignments this evening and I will send out an invite for a tc tomorrow afternoon via email. I am aware we are spanning timezones so it will be at 15:00.

(Kristina Fišter) #10

Hello All
Good to be here!
Looking forward to this work.

(Ross Williams) #11

Hi Team,

Thanks for joining the call and all the valuable input.

here are my brief notes: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1sxpkZ4uIF2QmO1G54VdaHcaaGs3b6-DIfASqhdakVzQ/edit?usp=sharing


Hi Ross and Team,

If we have suggestions regarding revision of T and O where should we record them?

(Jason) #13

Ross, that looks really great. Given the expected surge > capacity have you considered the same model but instead of admissions ED visits to help seperate out patients that can be discharged safely from the ED and not admitted

(cyanover) #14

@RossW, perhaps too late, but I will be happy to join the lit review team, if more help is needed

(Ross Williams) #15

any suggestions should be put in this thread!

(Ross Williams) #16


have you filled in the registration here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe6PZd1ESSdKx3IoNbV_HTkYUgw-YertNRdUGX_pBr1q_6UDQ/viewform

I am going to do a status check tomorrow morning to see where we are but for now if you look at this spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1t3EvGml1b7_rA9KkFhNMESfEaF5vE9ZZUAc1rZd_BZQ/edit?usp=sharing

any unassinged papers are free to take! (e.g. no name in reviewer column) just set your name next to any so we know someones busy there.

Thanks for being on board.

(Ross Williams) #17

I’m not sure i quite follow your model idea. What would your outcome be? The first model uses admission to distinguish patients based on severity and as such low risk patients would then be sent home.


Hello all,

On mdcalc.com, the three most popular CAP mortality scores that are used in clinic for COVID-19 triage are listed. Evidence, validation, and other relevant articles are provided for each score including other extensive information. Many of these articles are probably interesting for the review.

Besides PSI and CURB-65 there is a new score developed in China called MuLBSTA.

(Ross Williams) #19

Hi Jill, (and everyone else!)

Here is a google form for T,O and TAR for suggested studies

(Nicole Pratt) #20

Hi Ross
I was late registering. Is it ok if I assign myself some publications?
Thanks Nicole