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[OHDSI COVID-19] May 2 Update

(Craig Sachson) #1

A few updates from this week.

• There has been some incredible work already from our phenotype team in advance of our new Characterization and Project Scylla studies. On Tuesday, we began a discussion on creating cohorts for these projects, and we have identified a need for more than 150 phenotypes to support our characterization and estimation studies. We are working together to design and evaluate these cohorts. Thanks to everybody in the group for their dedicated work already. For anybody interested in joining this effort, please check out the “Competency-Phenotype development and evaluation” channel.

• Thank you to the community for your feedback to the Project Scylla protocol. Patrick Ryan and Daniel Prieto-Alhambra hope to have an updated version to share next week.

• While our hydroxychloroquine estimation study remains in peer review, the ACE inhibitor/ARBs estimation study is awaiting results from our international set of data partners, including the South Korean HIRA, SIDIAP (Spain), and several U.S. institutions

• The protocol for the IL6/biologics study is under review.

Remember to check our COVID-19 Updates page regularly to keep updated with all of the OHDSI work around this global pandemic.

(Thamir) #2

Thanks @CraigSachson for these updates.