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[OHDSI COVID-19] May 19 Update

(Craig Sachson) #1

• “Shielding the vulnerable: Predicting severe and critical illness in COVID-19: an international multi-database study” is the working title for the first manuscript to come from our prediction studies; this study is analyzing its final datasets before being submitted for publication to both a journal and MedRxiv. Congratulations to @jennareps, @RossW, @Rijnbeek and the entire prediction team on this milestone.

• For those in the MSTeams environment, the lead authors are looking for all co-authorship and COI information by Wednesday, May 20. Check out the posts within the “Study-Prediction” team for more information.

• The phenotype team made tremendous progress at the end of last week to go through Cohort Diagnostics on all cohorts to be used in Project SCYLLA and CHARYBDIS. Phenotypes are being finalized; once finished, packages will be tested at a couple of sites to ensure the viability of the study across our network.

• The original characterization study has added more than 18,000 hospitalized COVID-19 patients from two new datasets, SIDIAP (16,000+) and HM Hospitales (2,000+), both of which come from Spain. These new results are available here. While this study remains under peer review, the team is looking to update the MedRxiv paper with the new results so that the healthcare community can explore this new data. We will update you when a new paper is available.

• Thank you to everybody who provided feedback for the review of the treatments under investigation and the outcomes to evaluation for Project SCYLLA last week. Your input will help us create an even more detailed appendix for both in the protocol.