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[OHDSI COVID-19] March 23 Update - New Vocabulary, Data Survey, Registration Deadline TONIGHT

(Craig Sachson) #1


We are now only THREE days away from our COVID-19 study-a-thon, and preparations continue to be made. Please remember that registration closes at MIDNIGHT ET TONIGHT, and you MUST sign up to have access to the tools that will be used for the study-a-thon. You can register here … time is running out!

If you signed up, please be on the lookout Tuesday for an email that provides more information about logisitics and asks for your input in specific tasks you wish to be involved with over the four days.

Thank you to our incredible vocabulary team for finishing the latest update on the standardized vocabularies. Please download it from Athena before Thursday so you can participate in the COVID-19 study-a-thon this week.

Data Recency Survey
Public health agencies are trying to understand the current landscape of available observational data to conduct analyses to inform Covid-19 pandemic response activities. Please complete this survey to inform public health activities. Your response is greatly appreciated and will be shared with public health officials on request, but does not represent any expectation or requirement for participation in any future activities.

(Ines Reinecke) #2

@CraigSachson Thanks a lot for your heads up information on updated standadized vocabularies. Since my team is working with local vocabularies that are not standardized such as ICD10-German Modification and OPS (German procedure vocabulary) I would be interested in getting some more details on what standardized concepts have been updated. This would allow us to map our local concepts to the standard concepts manually to get prepared for the study-a-thon event. Many thanks in advance. Cheers Ines Reinecke

(Craig Sachson) #3

@Christian_Reich (or somebody on the vocab team), can you help @ines.reinecke?