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[OHDSI COVID-19] March 22 Update - Registration Focus (Closing Date, Total Update, NEED TO REGISTER TO JOIN OR OBSERVE)

(Craig Sachson) #1


OHDSI is now officially in Study-A-Thon Week! Of course, plenty of work has already taken place in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and we are so proud of how the community has come together on this shared journey.

Here are a few important notes about registration, which is necessary if you want to be involved in the event.

Registration will CLOSE Monday, March 22, at midnight ET!
If you haven’t signed up for the event and wish to take part, please do so before registration closes at midnight ET on Monday, March 22. Only the list of registrants will have access to the tools used for the conference. Please use this link to register.

An important note - even if you just plan to observe during the weekend, please register so you have the necessary tools to do so.

Current Registration Totals
We are thrilled to have nearly 200 registrants from 28 different nations (six different continents … there’s still time, Antarctica!) already signed up to collaborate during our study-a-thon. The breadth of the OHDSI network is inspiring, and as we have seen in the past (and it is certainly crucial now), we generate the best evidence as a community, not individually.

Data Recency Survey
As noted in an earlier forum post, public health agencies are trying to understand the current landscape of available observational data to conduct analyses to inform Covid-19 pandemic response activities. Please complete this survey to inform public health activities. Your response is greatly appreciated and will be shared with public health officials on request, but does not represent any expectation or requirement for participation in any future activities.