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OHDSI / CohortDiagnostics stuck issue

Hello, I have seen similar issues online but it seems that there are no answers at all.

We have been running the codes, and the last part is CohortDiagnostics::runCohortDiagnostics

I am not sure if our tables are consider big. The total size of the database is about 1.5TB and the code loads the bigger tables of around 2 billion lines.

The code is stuck in Creating internal concept counts table at 33% for 36 hours. But postgreSQL query monitor says the code is still loading IO from the harddisc, so I do not think it is frozen but it just takes a lot of time to load?

Starting concept set diagnostics
Instantiating concept sets
  |======================================================================| 100%
Creating internal concept counts table
  |=======================                                               |  33%

I am just curious who does the usual analysis - how long does Creating internal concept counts table take? It seems ours are oddly long but I do not dare to stop the query.