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OHDSI Atlas configuration issue

Hi All,

we have installed OHDSI Atlas 2.11.0 version in our project in testing environment.

Issue 1: we have the different sources configured in the configuration, when I am trying the refresh the cache for the sources it is failing, I have also checked the jobs section, it shows it failed and doesn’t see any reason in jobs tab.

Issue 2: As it’s testing environment I am playing around for the part of testing, I have deleted one of the source in configuration section, when I try to re create the source it’s throwing me below error message…

"The source was not saved. you cannot use this sourcekey, please use different one.

please help me on above issue , looking forward for your reply

For 1: you should review your logs and look for an error/exception. Please provide the error message and we can go from thre.

For 2: when we delete a source, we perform a ‘soft delete’, such that the record is still there in the data, and source_key needs to be unique. To solvet his, you can update the record in webapi.source to set the deleted_date to NULL.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for your reply …

For 1 , attaching the error message

For 2 : can you please elaborate how to access webapi.source and how to run the update command?

FYI, I am using Atlas UI only…

@Chris_Knoll , It would be great if you could let me know the exact update command to run in console?