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OHDSI and Medinfo 2019 (Lyon, France)

(Vojtech Huser) #1

Is anyone presenting an OHDSI related work at Medinfo this year (in few days from today)? Please post here or just declare you will be there. (if people want to network)

  • Aug 29 at 10:20 there is George Hripcsak keynote (with OHDSI in title)

  • Aug 28 at 18:10 in poster session- I (Vojtech Huser) present a poster with some results from the DataQuality study

(Christian Reich) #2

I am.

(Rimma Belenkaya) #3

And so am I.

(Jon Duke) #4

Yep I’ll be there.

(Bill Hersh) #5

I will be there as well. I am on two panels, neither of which happen to be related to OHDSI. :grinning: (Though George is on one of the panels.)

(Peter Rijnbeek) #6

I am presented EHDEN and will refer to OHDSI of course, and will participate in a Panel.

Session “FAIR Health Data Sharing Initiatives in Europe:Opportunities and Challenges for international cooperation” Monday 26th Aug 13:00 - 16:10

(Keesvanbochove) #7

I’ll be there, same session as Peter.

(Pantelis Natsiavas) #8

I will be there to present two papers and a poster. None of these works is directly related with OHDSI, though.

  • Thursday, 29 Aug, 08:10 - 09:50, T3-04, Medications & Policy
    Knowledge-based Platform for Assessing Potential Adverse Drug Reactions at the Point of Care: User Requirements and Design (Pantelis Natsiavas, Marie-Christine Jaulent, Vassilis Koutkias)
  • [Poster] Thursday, 29 Aug, 18:10 - 20:10, O3-01, Genomics and individualized therapy
    Linking exome sequencing data with drug response aberrations (Konstantinos Kyriakidis, Alexandra Charalampidou, Pantelis Natsiavas, Ioannis Vizirianakis, Andigoni Malousi)
  • Friday, 30 Aug, 08:10 - 09:50, T4-09, Data exchange infrastructures and strategies
    Citizen perspectives on cross-border eHealth data exchange: A European survey (Pantelis Natsiavas, Christine Kakalou, Konstantinos Votis, Dimitrios Tzovaras, Vassilis Koutkias)