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Ohdsi @ amia 2019

(Jon Duke) #1

Hey all, who’s going to AMIA next week? Let’s plan some OHDSI shenanigans.

(George Hripcsak) #2

Hey see you there

(Sigfried Gold) #3

Any thoughts about when and where?

(Patrick Ryan) #4

I’ll be at AMIA Mon-Wed, and always up for shenanigans:). I’m looking forward to seeing so many of you all there!

FYI, @noemie @acallahan @jennareps Inigo and I will be presenting on Wed 1030am-1200pm about ‘Learning across a healthcare data network to improve model robustness and evidence reliability’. Another great opportunity to showcase OHDSI in action:)

(Leanne Goldstein) #5

@Patrick_Ryan Do you want to arrange to do a lunch or meet up with OHDSI folks at noon? @Sigfried_Gold, was discussing an OHDSI meet up on another thread? Look forward to seeing you all there.

(Lisa Schilling) #6

@Patrick_Ryan @Sigfried_Gold @jennareps @Noelia225 @acallahan @jon_duke @hripcsa
I’d love to meet up. I leave Tuesday, and have dinner plans this evening(Sunday)- ? Monday after the networking gathering…??

(Jon Duke) #7

My schedule is a bit in flux. But if history is any guide, OHDSI happenings tend to emerge at the pub inside the Hilton as the evening rolls on…