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OHDSI 2023 Symposium - Eye Care and Vision Research workgroup Meeting

Eye Care and Vision Research Workgroup

OHDSI Global Symposium

October 22, 2023 1 pm – 5 pm ET

The OHDSI Global Symposium is rapidly approaching—it’s October 20 – 22 in East Brunswick, New Jersey. The conference will include the collaborator showcase (presentations and posters of research done in the OHDSI community, including a presentation about the Eye Care and Vision Research workgroup!), updates and discussions about OHDSI, an OMOP tutorial, and workgroup meetings.

At the Eye Care and Vision Research workgroup meeting on Sunday, Oct. 22, we will be discussion the prioritization of elements to be added to the OMOP CDM and USCDI + Eye, as well as starting discussions about ophthalmic imaging integration . We will conclude with discussions about specific use cases/network studies for standardized EHR data and imaging. Hope you will join us!

Here’s the link for the symposium page with details about the program, registration, venue, etc.: https://www.ohdsi.org/ohdsi2023/

Please note that all attendees must register for the symposium in order to sign up for the workgroup meeting.


  1. Prioritize ophthalmic exam elements for standardization
    a. OMOP CDM
    b. USCDI+Eye

  2. Discussion of ophthalmic imaging metadata to store in OMOP
    a. Consider list of DICOM tags for each modality
    b. Review literature & clinical trials to prioritize common measurements used in research, clinical care

  3. Use cases /network studies
    a. Examples of studies
    i. Vanilla OMOP
    ii. Adding eye exam data
    iii. Adding imaging

b. Discussion of strategy of use cases for demonstrating value of a network of standardized data
c. Consider other studies using OMOP datasets such as All of Us, UK Biobank