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(Lingyi Tang) #1

August 2019


  • 复旦大学OHSDI Prediction and ETL tutorial (生物医学信息学暑期课程)回顾
  • OHDSI Research Contest Updates
    • 刘家豪 武汉同济医院 The treatment of endometrial cancer (下次例会进行update)
    • 简畅等 南通大学 Patient-level prediction–Integrated prostate cancer treatment solution based on global data
    • 曾少卿 武汉同济医院 Compliance of cancer patients
  • 精神科大数据平台建设——Practicing of big data for mental health (蔡浩彦 北京首佑)
    • Real world data/study in psychiatry field
    • Overview of psychiatry big data platform
    • What we have on the platform
    • Database validation