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Observation Vs Meas Value or Measurement or Specimen

In source_to_concept_map table - when we check Mapping_type - what is difference between Observation Vs (Meas Value or Measurement or Specimen)

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What do you mean by ‘check Mapping_type’? I believe the domain of the target_concept_id should determine which table the data eventually lands in, if that’s what you’re looking for.

Additionally, there’s a substantial amount of documentation on the wiki that should help clarify the distinctions between the tables.

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@pratapm. You guys are on v4 so there is no difference between the mapping type of observation, measurement, etc. They are all mapped to Ovservations in v4.

In v5, some of the domains that mapped to Observation are now split out into their own tables, like Measuremenr, Device, and Specimen.

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Thanks -Mui. This helps.

If we try to find the definition of meas value on the Wiki
documentation:vocabulary:meas_value [Observational Health Data Sciences and Informatics] (ohdsi.org)

we get:

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