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Observation_type_concept_id would you recommend to

Which observation_type_concept_id would you recommend if the provenance of the data is

  1. app generated
  2. manually entered from the paper test form?
    I could not find one that I can used from the exisiting type_concept_id list. Wondering if you can create a new one that I can use.

Thank you for your question @stephanieshong . If the provenance of data is manually entered from the paper test form, you may want to consider using “Information gathering from manual entry” (Athena) if it aligns well with the characteristics of your data. In order to create a new observation_type_concept_id for ‘app generated’ origin of data, kindly submit this as a community contribution by creating a GitHub issue here, and by checking our Community Contribution Guidelines here. Thank you.

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Thank you I can use “Information gathering from manual entry”. As for the other one, I will submit a request for the app generated data type concept id.

@janice - One quick question, this concept is not type concept class.
Athena Any issue for using this concept id as the type concept ?

@m-khitrun @krfeeney - could you share your thoughts on my question above?
we are trying to map montreal cognitive assessment - place the assessment data into measurement domain.
Montreal Cognitive assessment data can come to us in two different paths; the data could come to us as part of the app generated data or it can also come to us in a paper form where we would have to then manually enter the data.
So we want to specify the provenance of the data source, how the data was entered. I did not see the proper type concept id that I can use. However, I do see the following two concepts in Athena: Athena and Athena.
My question is can I use these to concepts as the type_concept_id for the measurement domain?

@Christian_Reich ^^ - could you share your thoughts on my question above.