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OBGYN Modeling to support pre-emptive care of Preclampsia and Shoulder Dystocia.

A Physician colleague practicing at the North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust contacted me about interest in building models to support OBGYN care and decision making. He wants to start with maternal risk identification and stratification modeling for shoulder dystocia and pre-eclampsia. There are questions I have:

Is this an effort that OHDSI would support?
How can I find out of North Middlesex University Hospital has at ATLAS instance?
Is there anyone in the community who has done a data science and informatics research project with NHS data who can provide some insights?

Do we have patient-level prediction (PLP) modules for Preeclampsia and Shoulder Dystocia that would be helpful to this research effort?

Feedback would be appreciated. This work will be presented in an OHDSI Symposium in the near future.


Yes, my company works with NHS data and builds predictive models. I’ll send you a direct message to discuss further.