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NOMESCO procedure codes to SNOMED

(Maxim Moinat) #1


We are mapping Nordic Chirurgical codes (NOMESCO, reference) to SNOMED procedures. This is a huge amount of work as there are over 6000 NOMESCO codes. We would like to know if anybody else is working with the NOMESCO vocabulary and could help with this mapping process.

In addition, it would be nice to be able to share the mapping. We have not mapped all of the codes yet, but if we have, what is the best way to add this vocabulary and the mapping to the current OMOP vocabulary?


(Christian Reich) #2


Don’t know anybody who is busy with mapping these codes, but when you are done you can hand it over and we put it into Athena. Thanks for doing this.

(Javier Gracia-Tabuenca) #3

Hello Maxim,

I’m in Finland, we just discovered OHDSI and planing to use it.

Can you remeber how this issue ended up, and if we can continue from were you left it ??


(Maxim Moinat) #4

Hi Javier,

In the end we focussed on a small subset of codes. We mapped just 103 codes to SNOMED. The good news is that this is open sourced and the mapping table can be found here: https://github.com/thehyve/ohdsi-etl-sweden/blob/master/mapping_tables/kva-nomesco_source_to_concept_map.csv

Hope this helps!

-edit: if you are using Usagi for the mapping, in the same repo you can find the matching usagi file (e.g. helpful if you want to apply it to your existing mapping): https://github.com/thehyve/ohdsi-etl-sweden/blob/master/usagi_mapping_files/kva-nomescoMaster.csv