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NHANES Multum Lexicon

Continuing the discussion from Multum Drug Vocabulary:

Continuing the discussion from Multum Drug Vocabulary:

I am reviving this post as I have more information. The Multum drug vocabulary used by NHANES is the Multum Lexicon which is more of classification system. All information, including the entire vocabulary is located here. Has anyone used this before?

@Dymshyts can we incorporate this into the vocabulary? I’ll also post on github.


What is the use case, Clair? I doubt we can follow the stipulation in the license agreement. All we can do is to map it over and work out all classification there. Or what do you have in mind?

@Christian_Reich even just mapping the lowest level codes to RxNorm ingredients would be a big improvement. Right now @jswerdel, @ericaVoss, and I are re-working the NHANES-ETL to bring it into V5. They way they store drugs is all at the ingredient level, using the Multum Lexicon to classify them. In reality we may not need the entire Lexicon, just the ingredients mapped to RxNorm. I could probably do it fairly quickly using WhiteRabbit but I was love a more permanent solution using the vocabulary.

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